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Posted on 10-02-2015

There are some really great "home" remedies for common seasonal allergies and with over twenty million people who suffer from these, I wanted to write a "blog" about it.  Most people get little relief from congestion with conventional medication which have common unwanted side effects.  The effects of long time allergies can cause fatigue and eventually lead to depression.  The Good News!  There are many natural remedies for combating allergies.  Neti Pots which are a salt water flush of the nasal passageway to clear pollen which is causing the allergic reaction.  Another would be eating foods containing (or a good dietary supplement with) omega-3 fatty acids such as cold water fish, flax seed or walnuts.  Allergy shots are an interesting concept, it is an injection of  small doses of the substances you are allergic to.  Although these shots are still common in the US the UK stopped using them after several adverse reactions occurred and strict limitations were imposed on them.  A simpler and healthier treatment would be local honey (try to stay withing a ten mile radius of your home for best results), which is my advice for people who suffer from seasonal allergies.  It is a natural way for your body to build up a normal immune response to the pollens instead of having a hyper-sensitivity (allergic) response to them.  Other ways of treating allergies is by acupuncture, one of the oldest for of medicine known to man dating back over two thousand years ago.  With acupuncture certain meridian points of the body are treated to again decrease the hyper-sensitivity response to the allergen.  This is a brief and very summarized overview of natural treatment's of allergies and there are many other treatment methods out there so do plenty of research and ask questions before jumping into anything where your health is concerned!

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